What we do

Website Design, Mobile Applications, Desktop Application, Software Development, Hosting, Networking and IT Devices Distributions

About Us

Our mission is to help Our Customers in “Overcoming Limits” of Competitiveness, Productivity, Technology Complexity, Time and Budget Constraints.


The software we develop incorporates every unique feature necessary to address your specific business needs. Our experience in custom software development and design makes our developed software applications innovative and cost effective

Website Design

Our psychology-infused research methods inform digital innovation and deliver captivating design.

Web & Mobile Applications

We live and breathe mobile & web. We design and develop enterprise-grade applications based on the latest technology

Desktop Applications

Our solutions enable the seamless, secure flow of data across back office and customer facing system

Software Development

We automate the processes between development and IT, in order to build, test and release software faster and more reliably

Hosting & Networking

We evaluate and test the latest technologies to create advanced solutions.

IT Devices Distributions

Ubunifusolutions Ltd distributes technological devices like Computers, Television, Digital cameras, CCTV Cameras and all Network devices.

Continuous Security

We treat security as a first class citizen in every step: design, architecture, development, and operations.

QA & Testing

Our quality assurance strategies include manual and automated testing for market readiness.

Our Products


Luja Deyi

Website Designer

Joel Madelemu
Marketing Officer
Abdallah Kipunde
Evance Ndyalusa
Network Administrator

Partner Team

We partner with Non-Governmental Organization and high-growth companies
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Ubunifu Solutions Limited
We have an inclusive and collaborative work culture that inspires innovation, drives excellence, and unlocks a team member’s true potential through focused development, shared mission and a sense of community. We value our team as our greatest asset and we ensure everyone is respected, recognized and celebrated.
We realize that any service we provide should create happy customers, employees and help in operational efficiencies and give you the bandwidth to focus on your market growth and customer footprint. Our teams have this focus ingrained in all the work we do.
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